Cell Phones in the Classroom

Using cell phones in a classroom setting might make you squirm a little in your chair. Adults think of children and cell phones and automatically assume the child must be cheating on a test, this may be the case for some situations but for the most part, children can be using cell phones for a good cause. A great blog talking about why cell phones can be and should be used in the classroom is 5 reason to allow students to use their cell phones in the classroom. This blog goes into details about why technology isn’t always a bad thing in the classroom. We as educators should be striving to give our students the best possible learning experience, which could mean using cell phones.

In another blog talking about cell phones in the classroom, How teachers make cell phones work in the classroom,  it talks more about the idea of using cell phones in classroom. The great part about this blog is that it goes into detail about ways to implement cell phones. Not only does it show the positive outcomes cell phones have had in classrooms, but it also shows some outputs that weren’t so positive. Reading the negative outcomes of cell phones versus that positive ones can help a teacher figure out if using a cell phone is the right thing for them.


2 thoughts on “Cell Phones in the Classroom

  1. I like the idea of teaches embracing the use of cell phones in classrooms rather than them being so forbidden. When I was in high school my freshmen year there was no policy about then and they were never really an issue, it wasn’t until the following year when they were completely banned that it became the “forbidden fruit” and everyone wanted to use their phone in class.


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