Computers, Cell Phones, and Cameras: Helpful or Hurtful?

         In recent discussions of technology use in the classroom, a controversial issues has been whether technology is a distraction or a tool in the classroom. The kind of technology I talking about is the electric technology. The technology that includes things such as: cell phones, computers, webcams, iPods, and cameras. On one hand, some argue that technology is just a quick way for students to zone out and look on social media sites.  From this perspective, technology is more of a Hassle in the classroom than helpful.  On the other hand, however, others argue that the world is changing and so should teaching styles, which includes technology.  According to this view, technology isn’t a distraction in classrooms, but rather a tool to help both students and teachers get the most out of school.  In sum then, the issues is whether to use technology in the classroom or ban it from being part of the class.

My own view is that technology is one of the best tools teachers can use to help students learn in a way they understand.  Though I concede that technology can be distracting I still maintain that it can be harnessed for the better of the classroom.  For example, when a student is caught spending time on social media instead of doing the instructed work I would take the device away from them and make them do the assignment the old fashion way, such as looking up a word in a dictionary or doing research solely in encyclopedias.  Although some might object that this was an unnecessary step and I should have just made the students do the work the old fashion way. I would reply that technology has a great capacity for knowing much more than any books or person and is very easy to learn.  The issue is important because the world is changing and education should be following the tech savvy world of electronics.

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3 thoughts on “Computers, Cell Phones, and Cameras: Helpful or Hurtful?

  1. I agree that it could be a struggle to keep students on task when they are using technology, but it just takes some work to train them to do it properly! There will always be something to distract students. Why take away something they are so connected to and can have such a positive impact on their learning if they use it right?


  2. I like how you’ve organized this posting- the template works. You created a nicely supported academic discourse where you are engage with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter “the conversation.” When done correctly, this format gives a very well organized, well-supported, and well-written posting

    Your next step is to focus on your content- i.e. what you are saying. Your argument about technology distraction is valid, but is the argument really framed as whether to “use it or ban it?” Definitions become important here- just what do we mean by the term “technology?” For example, pencils and chalkboards are also forms of technology, are these the kinds of things you were thinking of? Doesn’t technology = tools? What do you think? Try rereading and revising your argument to sharpen its focus even more.


  3. I have to agree with you, I think that when teachers use technology as a way to extend the learning in the classroom it helps students grow and open there mind, not to mention it helps students who learn in more of a hands on way that just listening to the teacher talk in front of a powerpoint.


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