Is blogging right for elementary students?

Some parents may be worried of their young child becoming an active participate with technology. With the growing technology industry it has been made easier and more efficient in some cases to use technology in the class room. One of the many examples is teachers using blogs to help with learning, a great read for any teacher or parent concerning blogging with elementary students is Langwitches

Now it isn’t the best idea to give an 8 year old a computer and tell them good luck, there are some precautionary steps that you as a teacher must take to be sure the students understand what technology can do. Internet safety is something that a teacher needs to be very specific about. Children don’t always know the consequences that can be caused by something they do. There are many videos about the internet and steps to be safe on it. Showing a couple videos in class and have a little quiz or game could show you if your students are ready to take one the internet world.

One of the first step in helping ease children into blogging is to have your own blog and let the students post questions or thoughts on your post. The next step would be to have children start posting on your blog some of their own ideas to get the ball rolling for other students. Finally when the time is right have the children create their own blog. A more detailed read about steps that should be taken to start blogging is, Education World.


One thought on “Is blogging right for elementary students?

  1. Your narrative style of writing fits well with blogging, so I’d urge you to continue with it. Was there anything in the Richardson text that you found interesting or useful? You’ll probably have to dig a bit deeper with addressing your security concerns before attempting blogging with a group of elementary students. Might I suggest that you take a look at the sample blogging permission letter (under the Digital Natives- Resources tab)- you may want to add a hyperlink to that sample or other examples that you might find on the internet to make this post even better. Further, you may want to check out blogs designed for elementary students- comes to mind, but it does have a subscription fee.


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