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I have never put too much thought into my PowerPoint presentations. I would get all my information onto the slides and include a couple images and call it good. What I did not know was that there are books and techniques for making a better presentation. On example of a book that helps make a presentation effective is, Presentation Design. For the chapter of the book that I read, I learned a lot. I had previous knowledge of the fact that tons of text on a slide was a bad idea, but I had no idea how many other techniques there are to have a good presentation.

One of the most interesting things that I learn was the less is better technique. From the chapter in the book Presentation Design I saw before and after slides of the technique, less is better, and it really does make a difference. Having 12 pictures and labeling them is not a good idea for having an effective slide. Having one picture and maybe a label really draws the students in to understand what the slide is really trying to emphasize. I also knew that bullet points can get boring on a PowerPoint, but I did not know that it was such a tiresome idea to include any at all. I thought that learning about the Big Four, contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity were very helpful to understand how to make a visually pleasing slide.

A lot of this information can be incorporated into the presentations that I make for my students and presentations that students will make to share. As a teacher I will want my students to be interested in the topic that I am presenting, so I will incorporate some of the techniques that I learned about PowerPoint’s into my presentations. Instead of having my students just make a PowerPoint, I will help them and show them how to make an efficient PowerPoint.

As a student I have never had to make too many PowerPoint’s, but the few that I have made seem to lack a lot of the techniques that are suppose to make PowerPoint’s, powerful. Most often my slides would be filled with pictures and words everywhere, so that I could cram all of my information on one slide. Other times I would create a PowerPoint that would be like my note card and I would just read off of it. I now know that my techniques for PowerPoint have been vastly wrong, and I hope that reading this article will help me in the future have amazing presentations.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Presentations

  1. I need to work on this too. Coming up through school I always had the idea that if my slide wasn’t complicated I was doing something wrong. It had it’s good points, it made me really fluent in PowerPoint, but wasn’t such a great concept when relaying a message.


  2. I like your specific references to Presentation Zen- it shows that you’ve read and understood the main ideas presented by the author. I don’t want you to be too hard on yourself- your old PowerPoints weren’t “wrong,” they just didn’t take advantage of the other benefits of the software, nor do they address how our brains take in and process information. Creating good PowerPoints is a process, and they take time to evolve.


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