Web 2.0

Brief Description: The first website I chose was Blurtopia. This website is a fast way to get real world opinions on the choices one has to make on a day to day basis. Whether it is what shirt looks best with and outfit or what degree to pursue in college, this website has it all. On top of having people help you, you can help people make their choices too. By voting on their pictures any user can help another person make the right choices.

One of NETS-S standards that applies to this website is having children explore and have an input on the web about their ideas.

Prerequisites: One of the things that a person needs to know before using this website is how to upload pictures onto the web. There is an app for iPhone that makes this process fairly straight forward and easy.

Strengths: This website is a very fun way to help other people and have other give their opinions. This website is pretty controlled so there can be a lower age limit on the users.

Limitations: The website isn’t full of learning opportunities so students may not learn new information from it, but it is an easy way to show students how easy it can be to help people. This website is also slightly tricky to maneuver, especially on the computer.

Age: I recommend this to middle/high school because it is harder to navigate and a person has to understand how to upload pictures.

Brief Description: The second website I chose was Planbookedu. The reason I chose this website is because it is an awesome way to stay on track with anybody’s busy schedule. Although this is designs for teachers students can use it too to track their homework.

A standard that this website can help with is keeping students on track and turning their homework in on time.

Prerequisites: navigating through this website is a little tricky because there is so much that can be included in the planner, so a person must be able to know how to navigate more complex websites like these.

Strengths: This planner is an awesome way to keep on track and is full of many cool features that cannot be done as easily with any other type of planning devices.

Limitations: There is a full version that cost $25 a year which has many more features than the free version.

Age: I recommend this to high school stuents to keep track of their busy lifes.

Brief Description: The last website I chose was Ekoloko. This website is a kid friendly way for children to interact with one another and learn about the environment at the same time.

Many standards can be complete because of the online environmental games that students play they can learn a lot about science and learn science standards at the same time.

Prerequisites: Children will have to understand how to sign up and register for a website.

Strengths: This is a fun website children can use to learn about science and connecting with others on the web.

Limitations: There could be a problem with other users saying things to students that are not appropriate.

Age: This website is design for middle/upper elementary students who can use a computer.


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