Benifits of Music Education

I was one Facebook the other day and one of my friends shared a post to my wall about the benefits of learning music. I was involved in band my whole life starting in 5th grade all the way to my senior year in high school and I believe that music really does help students to become better. In on article I read The benefits of Music Education, there are a list of different studies done to prove how much music can really help a student learn and develop better. One of the most popular benefits is the fact that music helps children’s minds learn and work harder. By playing music a student is almost guaranteed to be a better student in the classroom. With the recent budget cuts throughout school districts in America it is more commonly seen that schools are cutting their music programs first. While schools have to make the cuts somewhere, it is important for school districts to keep in mind the benefits of music education and their students. Schools are always wanting higher test scores for their students and music education is a great way to improve the test scores. Before saying music is just a way for children to pass the time, school districts need to do the research and seem what an improvement musical education can make on a student.


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