Teaching with Visuals

Two weeks ago I published a blog talking about a lesson plan I had designed for a second grade classroom. The goal of the lesson plan was to have the students research an animal and write a three paragraph paper about their findings. This paper should include minimal grammatical errors, a topic sentence, a conclusion sentence, and detail sentences. The students will then create a poster to present their findings to their classmates.

The poster will be the visual aid for the project, instead of using plan paper and gluing there research on to it to create their posters, the children will use a website to create their posters. A very neat website I found the help users build an online poster is called lucid press.

Here I will review this website for future users:

1.  Brief Description- what is the site?  What is it supposed to do?

This site is create to help people design online posters, brochures, invitations and more. Its a very visual stimulating website that provides lots of different options for a variety of products.

2.  What standards (NETS-S or content) could using this site help to achieve?
Communication and Collaboration – Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

This standard is met with Lucidpress because the students can all work on the same poster online together to get a final product.

3.  Prerequisites- what do you need to know before using the site?
This website is fairly straight forward. Students will have to create a free account and be able to maneuver through the sign up part. There is a video to help new users figure out all the buttons on the website, but it might be a good Idea to walk the children through a lesson about this website before turning them loose.

4.  Strengths- good things that the site does (high interest for students, superior technical quality, bias free)
This website has many cool features that help students make a outstanding poster. Students will enjoy moving and manipulating objects around to see what they like best. Although the free version of this website doesn’t give all the perks the website offers, it still has quite a few features for being a free website.

5.  Limitations- perhaps the reading level is too high, maybe user guide is not very clear or organized

The website has many features that may overwhelm the students at first, but making sure the students know the basic features that they will need will help them not feel stressed about using the new website. The reading level may also be to high for some of the students.

6.  Best guess on age group/grade level the site is intended for.

I think elementary students with guidance can use this website, but I think that the best age group for lucidpress would be middle and s high school students.


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