Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Based on an article I read call, Blogs, Wiki, and Podcasts mult. for ED 270, I learn a lot about how multimedia is being used in the classroom. There are four main types of multimedia that the article talked about: podcasting, video, screen casting, and live streaming. All four can be used in every grade level, though some are better for specific ages.

Podcasting is a way for students to record audio and create something out of it. Students can also listen to other podcasts to learn something from them. Podcasts are easy to use, so elementary school students can have a lot of fun when using podcasts. A neat idea to use in the classroom is to subscribe to a podcast and listen to it daily or weekly and have the class write summaries about what they learned that day, and maybe listening to the podcast will inspire them to make their own at the end of the year.

Video and Screen casting are another great multimedia tool. This is a more advance tool, so middle and high students will be more inclined to use it. Making videos is a great way for students to learn about certain subjects that they are focusing on. Students can also share their findings to their classmates and everyone can learn about the topic.

Live streaming is a great way for students to meet with professionals and learn from them any sort of subject. Having a featured speaker of the week is a neat idea to get students passionate about what they are learning. Or having a steam with the same professional is a great way for students to get to know deeper and ask more questions to the professional. This is an easy and cost efficient way to change up the learning environment for students.

Here are some additional articles talking about multimedia in classrooms:

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This website is designed for teachers to help them gain the knowledge they need to use multimedia in their classrooms,


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